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The home is an expression of our inner self.


Whether we are conscious of it or not, we make aesthetic choices that reflect our ideals and values and feel aligned to our personal way of living and thinking. In the same way, commercial spaces or work places tend to thrive when they are both functional and pleasing to the eye.


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“Professional, experienced, incredibly passionate and knowledgeable. Has taken our build from great to amazing…attention to detail, detail, detail!”

B & A Newsom

Shaw Design is here to help with your smallest or largest project, offering considered design consultancy to help you achieve your goal. Whether it be selecting a cushion for your lounge suite, or helping to project manage your first home build, We can assist with colour co-ordination, concept development, exterior and interior material selection, furniture layout and the overall cohesion of a project from start to finish.

The motivation behind the Shaw Design approach is to help my clients create a space that feels like their own by working closely together to uncover individual needs and design tastes that speak most importantly of them, not myself. I want to help them design the space for where they are heading, not just for where they are today.  It is so rewarding for me to see clients get excited about the design process, gaining confidence in their choices as I work along side them, and then to see the excitement on their faces when it all comes together.

 It’s a privilege to be trusted with creating a sanctuary for somebody, and I want all of my clients to end up with a space they love to spend time in that is both pleasing, relaxing, and one they are proud of.

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Office Address: Tauranga, Mount Maunganui

[By appointment only]

Phone: 0278 222 856

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